Hey, I'm Justin.   

I'm taking 8+ years of working in award winning restaurants and re-imagining what the modern chef looks like. I think food should be fun, not monotonous. Flavor and execution is the game. Fresh, seasonal and delicious is a given.

My menus are custom-created dependent on the people, the place and the time. The food is always changing, inspired by my experience, thoughtful technique, and my heritage from America and India. If it's going to make you happy, I'll probably serve it to you. 


When I'm not cooking...

I create audio, video and written content online to positively impact the industry, work with brands I support (happy clients include Massdrop, Leica, Chrome, Hedley & Bennett, Town Cutler & more), teach technique through video tutorials and document my journey on YouTube

Let's talk:

Latest Episodes of my podcast, The Emulsion:


Now what? 

The other pages here include all the gear I use, how to book a one-hour coaching session with me, how to sign up for my bi-monthly email newsletter curated for the professional chef, and more! Find me on any of the channels below to get in touch and follow along: