Justin Khanna

Launched in 2015, Justin Khanna’s personal brand and the content associated with it has always promoted personal and professional growth, creativity, positive messaging and performing at the highest level.

Chef-related content based on 8+ years experience in Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world, travel photos and videos about inspiring trips, and collaborations with like-minded creatives continues the mission to bring people value.

If it doesn’t exist, make it.
— Justin Khanna

Social links can be found at the bottom of this page to learn more, but here are a few points to keep in mind to see if a partnership is a good fit…



☑️338,000 minutes watched/month

☑️70,000 views/month

☑️13,000 subscribers growing at a 10% rate/month

☑️113,050 views = most viewed video

☑️ Audience is 96% male, 76% is aged 18-34, and 50% lives in the US (followed by Canada, UK, Australia & Germany)




🤳Averaging 11-13% engagement on chef & travel related feed posts

🤳800-1,000 views/story

🤳70% male, 30% female

🤳15% Seattle-based, followed by NYC, LA and Bergen, Norway

🤳80% between ages 18-44


#TheEmulsion Podcast

🎙New episode every Thursday averaging 60-90 minutes published to all major podcast platforms.

🎙67% US based audience, (5% with Australia, Canada, France, and UK each)

🎙2,100+ total downloads/week

🎙Interviews conducted with farmers, knife makers, chefs, and food critics

Brand Partnerships

Interested in reaching an engaged audience of industry professionals? We’re currently accepting multi-project, long-term partnerships with brands & products we use, love and support!

❤️Honest-opinion YouTube review videos with pre & post production, content assessment, and link tracking

❤️Personalized podcast reads on The Emulsion podcast

❤️Contests to spark engagement and traffic with follow ups & product shipping

❤️Creative integrations to launch new products, highlight existing best-sellers and drive exposure.

Starting rates: $685 (single native IG post)

$3,800 (podcast + IG + YouTube + email newsletter)


📈Avg. 10K YouTube views = $2,000 in revenue

📈8-13% conversion through Amazon

📈48.5% open rate on emails

Thank you to these amazing brand partners I’ve had the pleasure of working with lately:

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