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My name is Justin Khanna. I've spent 8+ years training at Michelin-Starred and critically acclaimed restaurants like Per Se, Grace, The French Laundry, Frantzen,  Noma, and Lysverket.

Lately, I execute high-end experiences centered around bringing your people together to eat, drink, and be merry in a whole new way.  Learn more about that here

I host a weekly podcast called The Emulsion where I curate chef/restaurant/fine dining news. I also interview knife makers, authors, food critics, chefs, bartenders, farmers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to discover insights that can improve your life. 

I publish original videos and articles that seek to progress hospitality careers all over the world through advice, gear reviews and vlogs that document my journey.  You can find me on YouTube, and Medium, or support me on Patreon

I have a once-monthly Newsletter that covers my favorite kitchen gear, industry articles, odd internet findings, and more. 

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Plating at Lysverket in 2016 by my friend,  @bonjwing

Plating at Lysverket in 2016 by my friend, @bonjwing

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